To Pseudonym or not to Pseudonym, that is the Question

psyedonym blog post

Ah, pseudonym’s.  Where for art thou my pseudonym?

And that’s as far as I got in Shakespearean language class.  Let’s get right to the point.  Pseudonyms.  What is a pseudonym and should you use one?  Let’s start with the easiest question.

What is a pseudonym?


Many famous authors have used pseudonyms to publish their works.  From Benjamin Franklin to J.K. Rowling, the list goes on and on.  It’s very simple, it is a fake name, an author uses to keep their personal and business lives separate.


I am currently employed at a conservative law firm full time.  In my personal life, my very religious, serious family would not understand my desire to be an Indie Author.  Not that I wouldn’t have their support, but they don’t see this as a full time career.  They see this as a hobby.

This is why I cherish my pseudonym.  It give me the anonymity to do what I must as a self-publisher.

Should you use one?

Hell yes.  Some authors have multiple pseudonyms for multiple author accounts.  These authors write in several different genres such as fiction, non-fiction, romance, self-help, suspense, mystery, etc.

Using a pseudonym opens a gateway to many possibilities for authors all over the world and I can bet almost all authors have used a pseudonym at one time or another.  It is especially necessary for those authors who intend on publishing books that are, how do we say… risque

For example, my first three self-published works are under the erotica genre.  This could be very embarrassing for my Baptist pastor to come across my books if I used my real name.  This way, I have anonymity.

My mother is constantly wishing to read my books, but I refuse because I don’t wish to have her eyes be burned by the pure sexiness of the book matter. ♥ Love you, Mom!

Take the time to really think of your pseudonym name.  Find one that works for you.  My pseudonym is Erin Snihur, as you may have already realized.  It works for me and I know for a fact that no one from my personal life will connect the dots, unless they hack into my accounts!  (Please don’t do that!)

And finally…

Use a pseudonym.  I know it may seem like a lot of work creating all new accounts under your new fake name, but trust me, it is sooo worth it.  Comment below with your pseudonym name ideas!

One thought on “To Pseudonym or not to Pseudonym, that is the Question

  1. I actually posted something on famous authors that use Pseudonyms and raised this exact question. Pseudonym or no Pseudonym. That’s crazy. Go ahead and stop by the blog and read it if you like. I don’t think you would be disappointed lol.

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