October 2018 Goals

October 2018 Goals

Happy first week of October everyone!

Wow.  This entire year has flown by!  My mother is already watching Christmas movies on Netflix.  We don’t really celebrate Halloween, but we do celebrate Thanksgiving!  I can’t wait to stuff that turkey in my mouth!  I’ve been craving turkey since Easter!

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Doesn’t that look beautiful?  Now a few of you might be confused.  Isn’t Thanksgiving in November?

Ha! No.

I am Canadian and in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October.  Pretty exciting stuff, right?

My love of turkey is not what this blog post is all about and in fact, it is about the entire month of October in general.  Specifically what my goals are for the month of October.


When I began compiling in my head my goals for October, I got really excited and then a little nervous.  I began thinking about how October only has 31 days.  That’s 744 hours, 44,640 minutes and 2,678,400 seconds.

Phew!  It gets my anxiety pumping just thinking about it.  So what did I do?

I made a list!  Yeah!  Happy dance!  I love making lists.  I never usually follow said list, but I love making them!  There is something calming about jotting down what you have to do in numerical form.  This month, I intend to follow this list!

Geez, first the turkey fetish and now my list fetish.  Stay with me!

Rule #1 Don’t pick unreasonable goals.

I had one goal for September.

Write 50,000 words

On September 30, 2018, at approximately 11:50 p.m., Atlantic Standard Time, I completed said goal.  It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t something I ever dreamed I  would accomplish, but I did it.  I had tried to accomplish this goal in July during Camp NaNoWriMo, but sadly did not finish and I think I know why.

It helped a lot to let my family, who I still live with, know what my goals for September were.  They were truly amazing at keeping me on track.  My family is very supportive and loving, don’t get me wrong, but they are still unsure of the whole Self-Publishing career as I’ve mentioned in previous posts.  So in September, when I mentioned my goal, they all helped out by cheering me on when I accomplished a mini goal of the day or even when I was able to finalize a truly difficult portion of the book.

My mother even took to her very familiar mom nag.

“Have you written today?”

“Where are you at in your book?

“Should you be watching YouTube when you should be writing?”

Almost always she would ask these questions while I was being lazy and procrastinating.  It worked like a charm.  So instead of calling it nagging, I am going to call it “unabating love to see me succeed in my goals”.  Love you, mom. ♥

I also got involved with as many groups as I could on Facebook.  From Indie Author Groups to Marketing Groups to Cover Design Groups.  I even started a few chat groups on Facebook to keep me motivated.  It worked amazingly and thanks to my Facebook supporters, I completed my September 2018 Goal.

So, without further adieu, here are my goals for October:

  1. Finalize Curse of the InBetween (Hope to have this published first week of November)
  2. Send ⇑ to editor for magical editing!
  3. Create Teasers and Promote while I wait for return from editor
  4. Prepare for NaNoWriMo
  5. Draft Outline for Book #2 of the InBetween Series
  6. Draft Blurb for Book #2 of the InBetween Series
  7. Get my cover back and freak out over how awesome it is ♥
  8. Take Daniel Wallace’s AMS Course and complete by October 22 (Let’s Go!)
  9. Post 5 Blog posts for the entire month (Once a week, including this one)

Wow.  Long list right?  Yup.  I’m going to check off every single one of those goals by October 31st at 11:50 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time.

It’ll take a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but I have faith and a great support system.  If you need a great support system or want to share your October Goals, comment below!

Let’s do this!

♥ Erin



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