Published Works

The Naughty Neighborhood Series

Join three best friends for a summer they are sure to never forget!  Click the titles to view on Amazon! ♥

Mr. Johnson – Book 1 of the Naughty Neighborhood Series


It’s only for a few weeks…. right?

Roger Johnson is simply checking in on his neighbors eighteen year old daughter while her parents are away.

Simple… right?

What if this daughter is practically begging you to take every cherry she has to offer?
He’s just her handsome next door neighbor with a body made for sin.

Sally Edwards can’t help but fantasize about what that sinful body could do to her innocent, virgin one.

Maybe a few weeks alone with the sinful man, will teach her a lesson or two?

Mr. Lafoy – Book 2 of the Naughty Neighborhood Series


It’s only for a few weeks…. right?

James Lafoy, first year teacher at Bush Prep High, is stuck teaching summer school to a bunch of preppy, spoiled rich kids. What could possibly make those few weeks better?

Addison Clark, of course.
After embarrassing her late one night, Addison Clark devises a plan to seduce her summer school teacher, Mr. Lafoy. As her plan falls into place, Addison realizes she may have taken things too far.

Mr. Ryan – Book 3 of the Naughty Neighborhood Series


He wasn’t supposed to be home that weekend. Thank God he was.
Molly had planned the entire weekend down to the last detail. What she wasn’t planning was for her boss to be home for her naughty shenanigans.