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The Barbarian’s Lady

“You are mine.”  He growled again as if the rumors spread about these barbarians were true.  They are part beast and part man. He shifted to walk around to her side of the bed, but Delilah jumped to the opposite side as he was rounding the beds corner.  Enraged, he lept across the bed and wrestled her until she was on her back, her wrists in his hands, high above her head. She felt it, him, against her soft stomach and the heat was unbearable.  She ached to feel more of it. His stare, leveled with hers, only increased Delilah’s anger at his control over her body.

“No.  I am not yours… I am no ones, but my own!  I am a lady of the Court of Roses and I demand you let me go this instant!”  Delilah twisted and squirmed in his strong grip, but it only caused her dress to tear at the seam.

“No.  You are mine.  My lady.” His voice was firm and he pressed himself further against her body.  The spiraling marks on his chest and arms seemed to dance around her. His height and large physique made Delilah feel small.  He could easily crush her to death if he wanted to.

Dread filled Delilah’s mind and fear coiled in the pit of her stomach at the thoughts that raced through her mind.

She was a barbarian’s lady.

And then… he kissed her.